Holistic Financial Mentor

Where You Come To Keep More of Your Income (Without the Drill Sergeant Budget Checklist)

Instead, let’s look at your money through a lens of compassion and intuition.

Nail your money milestones like Steph Curry lands three-pointers.

I’m Kathy Frogosa, your transformational money coach.


There’s a better way….

Imagine waking up, grabbing your cup of coffee and logging onto your online banking account. You smile because your bills have all been paid on time.

“Just got paid/Friday night” from Johnny Kemps’ song is playing on repeat in your head because all your bills and money milestones are in order.

You sleep like a baby knowing you have enough money to cover your living expenses and emergencies, and your yearly yoga retreat is already paid in full.

I help women like you develop healthy money habits sans the Jack Nicholson’s “you can’t handle the truth!” vibe.


Because like for real, for real? How has the straight jacket of money restriction been working for you?

How has it been working out to skip that morning coffee?

(Girl, get the coffee!)

Let me show you how to create a sustainable money map that incorporates compassion, intuition, and how you want to feel in your ideal lifestyle.


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